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Transforming the pause into action for asylum seekers: Empowerment through dance, movement and theatre


Hana Alhadi

Hana Alhadi holds an MSc in Migration and Ethnic studies from the University of Amsterdam. Her research interests lie in addressing intercultural experiences, intercultural dialogue, policy implementation of intercultural education at European to the Dutch district level, and artistic methods encouraging empowerment among asylum seekers. She is the co-author of a publication related to intercultural education and has presented her work at several international conferences.

She has 15 years of experience in the field of dance, movement and theatre, and she worked as a Project Coordinator in a non-governmental organisation Institute for African Studies in Slovenia working at the Asylum Centre Ljubljana providing assistance and psychosocial support to asylum seekers. Alhadi also engaged in numerous local and international projects in the fields of migration, integration, human trafficking, intercultural dialogue and youth work where she committed to developing bottom-up generated effective practices which encourage the empowerment, stress-release and trust building of asylum seekers and refugees, particularly through dance, movement and theatre techniques.


Since 2019 she works as an associate expert for unaccompanied asylum-seeking and refugee minors at SGLŠ Postojna in Slovenia.

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