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Panel 4: Policy & Migration

Register for the digital panel and discussion on 5th June 2020, 3pm BST. 


Patricia - Photo by sergio souza on Unsp

The Brazilian bureaucracy and family reunification: ‘Here and now’ experiences of refugees in São Paulo

Andee article.jpeg

Difficulties for refugee women in accessing higher education in the region Île-de-France

Airi snapshot 3.png

Who is displaced by disasters, what do they experience, and how can individuals
make a difference?

Marta - Photo by Randy Colas on Unsplash

The politics of exhaustion: Externalised ‘Hostile Environment’ in the
British-French border zone

Rebecca - Photo by Dami Akinbode on Unsp

IDPs: The new homeless people in Nigerian cities

Leila - Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsp

Securitisation of migration after the refugee
crisis: Increasing insecurity for everyone?

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