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Diasporas at the Forefront of Social Protection: Impacts, Dynamics, and Future Opportunities

About the issue:

Effective social protection policies and systems are the cornerstone of thriving societies. They play an instrumental role in accelerating inclusive growth and reducing inequalities. From ensuring access to healthcare and education to recovery after crises, social security is a necessity for communities on the move. In collaboration with iDiaspora, we are thrilled to present this special issue which explores how diasporas are at the forefront of social protection and are redefining traditional perspectives of development and humanitarianism in their communities and beyond. 

We thank our authors for their work, which educates and further contributes to shifts in traditional narratives of social protection. We would like to thank iDiaspora for another enriching and rewarding partnership, and for the initiative and unwavering commitment of Larisa Lara Guerrero, Transnational Communities and Digital Communications Officer at the IOM Headquarters in Geneva. 


To our readers, thank you for taking the time to read our latest issue. We hope you enjoy it and that it inspires you to support the elevation of the voices of diaspora leaders worldwide for more favourable social protection outcomes in their communities.

You can also download this issue as a PDF publication, courtesy of iDiaspora.

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