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Trabajo y dinero

(Hannah) Shaddin Almasri (CREDIT_ Ezzeld

Daily-wage migrant workers and government COVID-19 responses in Jordan

(Hannah) Heller Arokkiaraj.jpg

The impact of return migration to Kerala from the Gulf amidst the pandemic


Forgotten workers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics: The plight of Japan’s foreign technical interns during the COVID-19 pandemic

(Max) Catherine Bryan Violet in Personal

On labour migration and reproduction in the time of COVID-19


Armenian ‘Putinka’ and beyond: Are there any alternatives for returned labour migrants in their homeland?

(Margaret) Anja Benedikt article photo.j

Essential migrants, expendable migrants: Recognising seasonal workers as ‘key’ will not prevent their exploitation

(Margaret) Pamela K_Nick O.C_DSC_2900 (1

Lost humanity in human resources: Italy’s economic revival through migrant labour exploitation during COVID-19

(Fiona) Debarati Choudhury - Photo by to

Migrant labourers in the time of coronavirus lockdown: A focus on the non-agricultural sector in India

(Hannah) Priya Deshingkar & Lamea MomenS

Hyper-precarious lives: Bangladeshi migrants on Azad visas in Qatar during the COVID-19 pandemic

Tosin 1.png

‘Swimming against the tide’: The fragility and resilience of residual refugees to COVID-19 disruption in Oru


Temporary workers in Canada: Crossing borders in pandemic times

(Hannah) Moritz, Manuela, Mira photo.jpg

Platform (im)mobilities: Migration and the gig economy in times of COVID-19

(Margaret) Anna Safuta _ Kristin Noack.j

A pandemic, and then what? The effects of the coronavirus pandemic on migrant care workers in Germany


Investor citizenship and the public charge rule: What do they mean for Americans?


The worst is yet to come: The impact on subsistence of migrant labourers during and post lockdown

(Fiona) Anurag - S Photo by Anurah Devko

COVID-19: Looming risks amongst Nepali migrant workers

Oluwasegun Ajetunmobi - Traditional_Medi

Transnational herbal medicine practitioners along the Nigeria-Niger corridor in the time of a pandemic


COVID-19 and Canada’s mobile labour force

(Fiona) Helen Dempster image1.jpg

Migrant workers in the tourism industry: How has COVID-19 affected them, and what does the future hold?

(Margaret) Asia _ Asher Photo_2.png

When the invisibili become essenziali: Migrant workers’ rights in Italy during the pandemic crisis


Friction, flow and resistance in the Athabasca oil sands

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